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Allow Growth In Your Relationship

There comes a point in a developing relationship when you have to make a choice. You must decide if you are going to let your guard down and  allow the relationship to progress further, or if you are going to  remain detached...
by Elizabeth Monsoor


5 Signs You’re Dating a Stage 5 Clinger

One of the best things about dating is the exposure to different types of people. You get to meet some great people, as well as some not-so-great people. One of the types of people you’ll probably have an incident with at...
by Elisa Freese



The Upside of Having a Male Friend Who Wants to Bang You

The part of being a woman that sounds the worst to me (besides the pregnancy, the periods and the systematic institutionalized oppression) is the uncertainty. As men are society’s sexual aggressors, it’s rare that a guy sta...
by Abiel Bruhn



5 Things to Consider on a First Date

First dates are usually hit or miss. You walk into it and have absolutely no idea how it’ll go. Some people go into first dates oozing with confidence, while some go into them nervous as all hell. Will I like this person?...
by Elisa Freese

sad woman looks at her cell phone while her friend comforts her

When He Says He’ll Call But Then He Doesn’t

We’ve all experienced the joy and excitement that comes with meeting a new guy that you totally hit it off with. The moment where you’re both into each other is exhilarating. So when he tells you he’ll call, of course...
by Elizabeth Monsoor



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